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LED and HID Grow Lights Compared

LED and HID Grow Lights Compared By Jordan Gartenhaus www.grohaus-automation.com   This article assumes the reader is familiar with “the difference between PAR and lumens.”   If you aren’t, it’s probably worth while to Google […]

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Far Red Grow Lighting

Far Red Grow Lighting & Plant Lighting Fundamentals Learn more about how different light wave lengths (spectrum) work on cultivating indoor and hydroponics crops with Far Red Grow Lighting and Plant Lighting Fundamentals After the basics, […]

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Reusing Soil

    Reusing Soil  Get Growing Again and Save    [quote]Digestive enzymes (works on cellulose, old roots) and B-Vitamins will really help ignite the reaction and get the soil going again[/quote] Reusing soil from a […]