hydroponic gigafarm
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Hydroponic Gigafarm

This ‘GigaFarm’ in the desert could produce 3 million kilograms of food Hydroponic Gigafarm | Rebecca Cairns, CNN | IMAGE: Dubai is already home to the world’s biggest vertical farm — and it’s set to […]

5N2 food charity hydroponics
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5N2 Food Charity Hydroponics

‘Better than organic’: Scarborough’s 5N2 food charity takes step toward sustainability by growing hydroponic produce Volunteers make hundreds of meals a day 5N2 Food Charity Hydroponics | Mike Adler | IMAGE: Founder Seema David shows […]

vertical vs stacked tray farming
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Vertical VS Stacked Tray Farming

Vertical farming 2.0 Vertical VS Stacked Tray Farming | Richard Smoley | There is vertical, and then there is vertical. This enigmatic utterance reflects some differences—and possibly shakeouts—in the world of vertical farming, of which, […]

vertical farming norway
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Vertical Farming Norway

Coop Norway invests in vertical farming as climate change hits salad crops  The retailer says cultivation in a controlled indoor environment will ensure steady supplies as extreme weather continues to disrupt supplies Vertical Farming Norway […]

office space vertical farms
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Vertical Farms Office Space

Can vertical farms solve vacancy and vibrancy challenges downtown? Vertical Farms Office Space | Stephanie Swensrude | IMAGE: Joshua and Hubert Lau of TrustBIX are in talks with potential landlords to convert empty downtown office […]

aztec agri systems
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Aztec Agri Systems

Human’s trio of agri technologies brim with solutions Born into a family which has made significant contributions to conservation farming, Henning Human is leading the way by utilizing aquaponics, aquaculture, and hydroponics technologies as he […]

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Historic Building Indoor Farm

Historic Brandon building being converted to indoor farm Historic Building Indoor Farm | Don Vadeboncoeur | IMAGE: A company called Brandon Fresh Farms is using new technology to convert the 113-year-old building into an indoor […]

calgary vertical farm
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Calgary Vertical Farm

In southeast Calgary, a vertical farm prepares to bring rapid-growing leafy greens to shelves Frozen food company McCain Foods Ltd. had invested more than $65 million in GoodLeaf Foods as of 2021 and contributed to […]