ontario vertical farming growing
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Ontario Vertical Farming Growing

Vertical farming allows year-round growing Technology a boon to techniques that can provide local supplies and greater food sovereignty Ontario Vertical Farming Growing | Leah Gerber | IMAGE: Cheryl Verbiski and Cesar Cappa of GoodLeaf […]

growframe vertical farms
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GrowFrame Vertical Farms

High-tech, soil-less, and brimming with life: the vertical farms of tomorrow GrowFrame Vertical Farms | Martin Wright | It’s a mild autumn morning and I’m in a farmyard in Berkshire. But it’s not like any I’ve […]

moon hydroponic farming
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Moon Hydroponic Farming

Ingenious Technique Could Make Moon Farming Possible Moon Hydroponic Farming | Kevin Hurler | Image: An artist’s rendering of a plant designed to create nutrient-rich water from lunar soil. The regolith passes through a sorter […]

indoor farming wheat success
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Indoor Farming Wheat Success

Fischer Farms reports successful wheat trial in vertical farm Indoor Farming Wheat Success | Grace Duncan | Vertical farming company Fischer Farms’ first wheat-growing trial has been successful. The agritech business claims it is the first vertical […]

growing food in space
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Growing Food in Space

To boldly grow: North Vancouver company builds system for deep space farming One of 10 semi-finalists will win a large cash prize awarded by the Canadian Space Agency. Growing Food in Space | Nick Lava, […]

indoor farming specialized seeds
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Indoor Farming Specialized Seeds

Indoor Farming Specialized Seeds |  Melissa Shipman | One of indoor farming’s strongest wins is in bringing vegetable production much closer to consumers.  Lettuce, for example, is often grown in Arizona or California and shipped […]