far red lighting & temperature
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Far Red Lighting & Temperature

Far-red light and temperature interactively regulate plant growth and morphology Far red lighting & temperature | BY SANGJUN JEONG, ANTHONY PERCIVAL, JOSHUA CRAVER, GENHUA NIU AND SHUYANG ZHEN | In controlled environmental agriculture, extensive efforts […]

grunwald slams vertical farming
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Grunwald Slams Vertical Farming

Power-Hungry Vertical Farms Can’t Solve Food Security: Grunwald Grunwald Slams Vertical Farming | Christopher Bonasia | Vertical farming may be gaining traction in Canada and the United States, but its heavy reliance on electricity is […]

from marines to horticulture
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From Marines to Horticulture

Embracing his newest mission Tucker Bruguiere spent four years in the Marine Corps before enrolling at Virginia Tech, and the skills honed in the military now help him with research projects in controlled environment agriculture […]

ontario vertical farming growing
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Ontario Vertical Farming Growing

Vertical farming allows year-round growing Technology a boon to techniques that can provide local supplies and greater food sovereignty Ontario Vertical Farming Growing | Leah Gerber | IMAGE: Cheryl Verbiski and Cesar Cappa of GoodLeaf […]

growframe vertical farms
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GrowFrame Vertical Farms

High-tech, soil-less, and brimming with life: the vertical farms of tomorrow GrowFrame Vertical Farms | Martin Wright | It’s a mild autumn morning and I’m in a farmyard in Berkshire. But it’s not like any I’ve […]

moon hydroponic farming
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Moon Hydroponic Farming

Ingenious Technique Could Make Moon Farming Possible Moon Hydroponic Farming | Kevin Hurler | Image: An artist’s rendering of a plant designed to create nutrient-rich water from lunar soil. The regolith passes through a sorter […]

indoor farming wheat success
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Indoor Farming Wheat Success

Fischer Farms reports successful wheat trial in vertical farm Indoor Farming Wheat Success | Grace Duncan | Vertical farming company Fischer Farms’ first wheat-growing trial has been successful. The agritech business claims it is the first vertical […]