• Hydroponics

    UC Comm Hydroponic System

    Product Spotlight: UC Comm Hydroponic System ( UCC rDWC) Introducing the first of its kind, next-generation UC Comm Recirculating Deep Water Culture (rDWC) System from Current Culture H2O. Built for professional CEA and greenhouse cultivation, [...]
  • water saving hydroponic systems
    Getting Started Hydroponics

    Water Saving Hydroponic Systems

    Water Saving Hydroponic Systems Growing Crops, Less Water Here at Grozine we have been growing with a variety of water saving hydroponic systems in a controlled greenhouse environment. Over the course of time, namely decades, [...]
  • planting with rockwool

    Rockwool Grow Tips

    Rockwool Grow Tips Growing With Rockwool, Fundamentals for Success With these rockwool grow tips it’s easier to enjoy growing high yielding crops consistently, hygienically and efficiently. Rockwool has been used as a high production soilless [...]
  • Hydroponic Technology

    AVici LED Grow Light

    AVici LED Grow Light Move Over HPS Grow Lighting? The AVici LED grow light after much anticipation is touching down in grow rooms and greenhouses all over the world. Instead of beating about the bush, [...]
  • diy hobby aquaponics system

    DIY Hobby Aquaponics System

    DIY Hobby Aquaponics System Home Building A Low Maintenance System for Fish & Plants, How To Step By Step. There’s a lot of ways you can build your own DIY hobby aquaponics system with success, [...]

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