dechlorination gardening
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DeChlorination Gardening

DeChlorination Gardening Chlorine Removal For Healthier Plants & Harvests DeChlorination gardening is an often overlooked yet vital link in the health and quality of organic, conventional and hydroponic harvests.  Naturally, dechlorination gardening with Aquaponics systems […]

drying herbs
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Drying Herbs

Drying Herbs Essential Oil Preservation for Maximum Potency Fresh herbs are welcome in just about any kitchen, however, drying herbs to perfection is critical for use in the kitchen or for extracts purposes, i.e. health […]

fertilizing hydroponic gardens
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Fertilizing Hydroponic Gardens

Fertilizing Hydroponic Gardens Fundamentals to Follow for Best Success Fertilizing hydroponics gardens for best success is easy once you read through this quick lesson on how to determine how much fertilizer to apply to your […]

hydroponic seed strains
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Hydroponic Seed Strains Selections

Hydroponic Seed Strains Picking Strains for Hydroponics & Water Culture Systems Choosing the right hydroponic seed strains can make fundamental differences in how your cropping experience may turn out when urban farming with hydroponics in […]

growing mix root aeration
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Growing Mix Root Aeration

Growing Mix Root Aeration How To Get More Root Oxygen Getting good growing mix root aeration makes for healthier plants that can grow faster and yield more beautiful flowers and fruits in your garden.  When […]

safe garden pest controls
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Safe Garden Pest Controls

Safe Garden Pest Controls Getting Rid of Bugs in the Garden Safely If you garden then you are sure to have come up against an insect issue at one time or another. Thankfully, safe garden […]

pruning hydroponic plants
Getting Started Hydroponics

Pruning Hydroponic Plants

Pruning Hydroponic Plants Trimming and Training for Bigger Flowers & Fruits Pruning hydroponic plants is a virtually free and highly effective way to get more flowers and fruits from your crop, whether growing in hydroponics […]

hydroponic orp controls
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Hydroponic ORP Controls

Hydroponic ORP Controls Tuning Oxidizing Reduction Potential in Your Tank When substances have an oxidizing effect, they can be useful in growing crops in hydroponics, and may also be beneficial in aquaculture or aquaponics. Oxidation […]

aquaponics cuttings
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Aquaponics Cuttings

Aquaponics Cuttings Starting Plants Without Seeds, Naturally. At times, it can be advantageous to start crops from cuttings rather than from seed.  For aquaponics plant production purposes it can mean faster harvests versus staring from […]

aeroponic transpants
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Aeroponic Transplants

Aeroponic Transplants Bare Rooted Plants to Soil & Soilless Mixes Producing aeroponic transplants is a great way to improve your ability to produce higher numbers of plants in a shorter time frame.  Aeroponic transplants have […]