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AVici LED Grow Light

AVici LED Grow Light Move Over HPS Grow Lighting? The AVici LED grow light after much anticipation is touching down in grow rooms and greenhouses all over the world. Instead of beating about the bush, […]

Hydroponic Gear Reviews

Revolution DEva HPS Light Systems

Revolution DEva HPS Light Systems Leading Edge Integrated Crop Lighting Systems Revolution DEva HPS light systems give growers high efficiency high yield crop lighting that as an option, may be managed or tuned via Controls […]

revolution micro electronics
Hydroponic Gear Reviews

Revolution Micro Electronics

Revolution Micro Electronics  Grow Gear Reviews Insider REPORT: Revolution Micro Electronics How Reliable is YOUR Gear? If you garden indoors under lights or in a greenhouse, you re quite likely counting on electronics to keep […]

fight emi
Hydroponic Technology

Fight EMI

Fight EMI Electromagnetic Interference from Grow Ballasts Finally indoor and greenhouse growers have an effective way to fight EMI, that’s Electromagnetic Interference-a problem originating from a lot of digital ballasts commonly used today. Back in […]