vertical farming continues struggle
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Vertical Farming Continues Struggle

Lean times hit the vertical farming business Vertical Farming Continues Struggle | Chris Baraniuk | Not long ago, vertical farming seemed unstoppable. Big tech was going to supercharge agriculture, one of the oldest industries in […]

thirsty roots hydroponic farm
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Thirsty Roots Hydroponic Farm

Local produce: Thirsty Roots Farm’s greens grow in a shipping container Thirsty Roots Hydroponic Farm | Jack Underwood | Most of the herbs and greens found in restaurants and grocery stores in the Panhandle are […]

vertical greenhouses
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Vertical Greenhouses

Borderlands: Texas vertical farms designed to disrupt fresh produce supply chains Vertical Greenhouses | Noi Mahoney | IMAGE: Eden Green Technology operates a vertical greenhouse farm in Cleburne Texas, supplying 2 million pounds of whole […]

plenty vertical farms
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Plenty Vertical Farms

Vertical Farming: How Technology Is Changing the Future of Agriculture Plenty’s vertical farm uses a fraction of the land and water required by horizontal farming Plenty Vertical Farms | Jesse Orrall | We got a […]

growframe vertical farms
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GrowFrame Vertical Farms

High-tech, soil-less, and brimming with life: the vertical farms of tomorrow GrowFrame Vertical Farms | Martin Wright | It’s a mild autumn morning and I’m in a farmyard in Berkshire. But it’s not like any I’ve […]

indoor farming market survival
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Indoor Farming Market Survival

Learning from Japan’s mistakes, Oishii CEO “hasn’t spent a dime” on leafy greens as ultra-premium strawberries thrive Indoor Farming Market Survival | Jennifer Marston | “I knew the exact same thing was going to happen. People […]

growing hydroponic flowers
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Growing Hydroponic Flowers

Flower Power in Hydroponic Towers Growing Hydroponic Flowers | ZipGrow | Most types of flowers can be grown hydroponically. Essentially the elements that they would typically get from the earth and sun can be replaced […]