zip grow greenhouse system review
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ZipGrow Greenhouse System Review

ZipGrow Greenhouse System Review Vertical Hydroponic Greenhouse Farming For our ZipGrow greenhouse system review we are growing several varieties of everbearing strawberries (day neutral) and Genovese basil in a CEA (controlled environment agriculture) greenhouse. At […]

hydrobucket hydrolid roots
Hydroponic Gear Reviews

HydroBucket HydroLid Review

HydroBucket HydroLid Review HydroBucket 2022 Updates & Improvements We recently tested the new HydroBucket HydroLid, along with other improvements and updates to the HydroBucket DWC hydroponic growing system from Visionary Hydroponics. We at Grozine are […]

Hydroponic Gear Reviews

HydroBucket DWC Review

HydroBucket DWC Review Growing DWC HydoBuckets   We put the HydroBucket to the test. Controlled environment hydroponic greenhouse growing is intensive.  While capable of producing amazing growth and yields, it can be a tough environment […]

super sprouter review
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Super Sprouter Review

Super Sprouter Review Premium Plant Propagation Trays, Lids & Matts. Are They Worth the Money? This Spring Planting Season we decided to perform a Super Sprouter Review. Super Sprouter is brand of plant propagation trays, […]

opengrow grolab review
Hydroponic Gear Reviews

OpenGrow GroLab Review

OpenGrow GroLab Review One Year Greenhouse Trial, Computer Grow Automation After almost 12 months of continuous greenhouse use of our OpenGrow GroLab computer based grow room automation controller we are confident in offering the following […]