agricultural pesticide alternatives
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Agricultural Pesticide Alternatives

Future growth: Agricultural alternatives to pesticides How do we transition away from pesticides and feed a growing population? Matthew Kettlewell, Agronomist at Agxio, presents natural and technological innovations that can help smooth the path to […]

smart farming project
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Smart Farming Project

Smart farming project to boost KZN food security Smart Farming Project The KwaZulu-Natal province is revolutionising farming to increase productivity, through the use of the latest technology to water crops, monitor pesticides in fields and […]

agriculture & ai
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Agriculture & AI

How AI Is Cropping Up In The Agriculture Industry Agriculture & AI | Wendy Gonzalez | The population has doubled since 1974, and today, there are 8 billion humans living on this planet. While population growth […]

urban farm cranbrook
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Urban Farming Cranbrook

Local organization looking to introduce urban farming to Cranbrook, BC Canada Urban Farm Cranbrook | Ryley McCormack | A local organization is looking to bolster the community’s food security by setting up a year-round urban […]