latvian greenhouse lettuce
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Latvian Greenhouse Lettuce

Only special greenhouses can grow vegetables in Latvian winters. So far, only tomatoes and cucumbers were grown in the Mārupe Greenhouses but on Wednesday, January 17, the company unveiled a lettuce greenhouse. The first greens […]

orp meter review
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ORP Meter Review

Real World Hydroponics ORP Testing Applied For our ORP meter review, we put Hanna Instruments HI98120 handheld ORP & temperature tester through some real world hydroponics applications for over 6 months. The benefits of managing […]

5N2 food charity hydroponics
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5N2 Food Charity Hydroponics

‘Better than organic’: Scarborough’s 5N2 food charity takes step toward sustainability by growing hydroponic produce Volunteers make hundreds of meals a day 5N2 Food Charity Hydroponics | Mike Adler | IMAGE: Founder Seema David shows […]

office space vertical farms
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Vertical Farms Office Space

Can vertical farms solve vacancy and vibrancy challenges downtown? Vertical Farms Office Space | Stephanie Swensrude | IMAGE: Joshua and Hubert Lau of TrustBIX are in talks with potential landlords to convert empty downtown office […]

area 2 farms
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Area 2 Farms

Area 2 Farms: Growing Farms Near You Area 2 Farms | Suzanne Pender | In an industrial park in Arlington, Virginia, there is something you might not expect – a farm. Area 2 Farms is […]

hydroponic farms
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Hydroponic Farms Taking Root

Hydroponic farms taking root across the country Hydroponic Farms | Hannah Shine | Freight Farms – a Boston-based agriculture technology company – is changing the game for farming practices across the country. Located in all […]

aztec agri systems
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Aztec Agri Systems

Human’s trio of agri technologies brim with solutions Born into a family which has made significant contributions to conservation farming, Henning Human is leading the way by utilizing aquaponics, aquaculture, and hydroponics technologies as he […]

nonprofit hydroponics
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Wrightstown NonProfit UrbanPonics

At Wrightstown nonprofit UrbanPonics, farmers go vertical Wrightstown Nonprofit UrbanPonics | Raeanne Raccagno | IMAGE: Merrill Pierce, left, and Webb Stone show students from George School’s Applied Technology and Botany class how a deep-water culture […]

aeroponics saffron farming
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Aeroponics Saffron Farming

Gandhinagar based startup in Gujarat cultivates Saffron using Aeroponics Aeroponics Saffron Farming | Gujarat | Ahmedabad: In a unique innovation, a startup from Gandhinagar, has developed saffron farming in Gujarat through Aeroponics. Saffron, which is typically cultivated […]