robotic bees
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Robotic Bees

Vertical Farms Today and Astronauts Tomorrow The buzzy industry of robotic pollinators is setting its sights on indoor farms for urban—and extraterrestrial—environments Robotic Bees | Molly Glick | In vertical farming operations, artificial lights and artificial […]

japan moon farming
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Japan Moon Farming

Japan university launches space horticulture research center, looks to farming on moon Japan Moon Farming | Mainichi, Japan | MATSUDO, Chiba — Chiba University has launched the Research Center for Space Agriculture and Horticulture at […]

space travel
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Space Salad

Optimal Nutrition Growing for Space Travel Space Salad | University of Adelaide | An international team of scientists has created a salad that contains ingredients that could be grown on spacecraft and provide optimum nutrition […]

moon hydroponic farming
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Moon Hydroponic Farming

Ingenious Technique Could Make Moon Farming Possible Moon Hydroponic Farming | Kevin Hurler | Image: An artist’s rendering of a plant designed to create nutrient-rich water from lunar soil. The regolith passes through a sorter […]

food crops in space
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Food Crops in Space

To boldly grow: how space agtech shapes farming on Earth Food Crops In Space | Dylan E. Taylor The effects of climate change are impossible to ignore, particularly as record-breaking temperatures, tides and weather events […]