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Historic Building Indoor Farm

Historic Brandon building being converted to indoor farm Historic Building Indoor Farm | Don Vadeboncoeur | IMAGE: A company called Brandon Fresh Farms is using new technology to convert the 113-year-old building into an indoor […]

schools receive hydroponics systems
Hydroponic News

Schools Receive Hydroponics Systems

HYDROPONICS IS COMING TO A LOCAL SCHOOL SYSTEM Schools Receive Hydroponics Systems | Loretta George | Hydroponics is coming to Uniontown’s school district. Hydroponics is the technique of growing plants using a water-based nutrient solution […]

grunwald slams vertical farming
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Grunwald Slams Vertical Farming

Power-Hungry Vertical Farms Can’t Solve Food Security: Grunwald Grunwald Slams Vertical Farming | Christopher Bonasia | Vertical farming may be gaining traction in Canada and the United States, but its heavy reliance on electricity is […]

growcer modular vertical farm
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Growcer Modular Vertical Farm

Food Co-op reveals modular hydroponic farm Growcer Modular Vertical Farm | Danielle McPherson | IMAGE: Lead hydroponic technician, Deven Graham-Smith. leading a tour of the new Growcer modular vertical farm. (Photos: Danielle McPherson) Friday was […]

Europe's Largest Vertical Farm
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Europe’s Largest Vertical Farm

Inside Europe’s largest vertical farm, growing a tenth of Lithuania’s salad At its Vilnius facility, Leafood is hoping to succeed where other vertical farming startups have failed Europe’s Largest Vertical Farm | Zosia Wanat | […]