heterotrophic growing
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Heterotrophic Growing

Going dark: Company explores indoor vertical farming without light Heterotrophic Growing | Aaron Gonzalez | IMAGE: Square Roots’ initiative explores the potential of growing plants without light, aiming to reduce the energy demands of indoor […]

boterna aeroponic farm
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Boterna Aeroponic Farm

Texas couple brings pesticide-free produce to Denton with indoor, vertical farm Boterna Aeroponic Farm | Amber Gaudet | IMAGE: Greg and Heather Marsh operate Boterna, a farming initiative utilizing aeroponic technology to grow crops year-round […]

indoor farming specialized seeds
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Indoor Farming Specialized Seeds

Indoor Farming Specialized Seeds |  Melissa Shipman | One of indoor farming’s strongest wins is in bringing vegetable production much closer to consumers.  Lettuce, for example, is often grown in Arizona or California and shipped […]