area 2 farms arlington
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Area 2 Farms Arlington

Arlington vertical farm aims to be a ‘game changer for nutrition’ in food deserts Area 2 Farms Arlington | Victoria Sanchez | ARLINGTON, Va. (7News) — Tucked between an autobody shop and doggy daycare, an organic […]

hydroponic farming nigeria
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Hydroponic Farming Nigeria

Hydroponic farming provides opportunities for young Nigerians but challenges remain For many young people in urban centres who find farming attractive, concerns around land remain disturbing. In comes hydroponic farming as a sustainable solution. Hydroponic […]

the plant chicago
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The Plant Chicago

Small businesses turned an old Chicago meatpacking plant into a living experiment in sustainable food, and they are thriving The Plant Chicago | Morgan McFall-Johnsen | IMAGE:John Edel bought The Plant as a decrepit meatpacking […]

family hydroponics gardening
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Hydroponics Gardening Family

Indoor hydroponics: Growing veggies in Qatar summers Hydroponics Gardening Family | Marivie Alabanza | IMAGE: Jeacim Francis Adaya with his family. Pic: Salim Matramkot Doha, Qatar: Can a country with a hot climate and limited […]

thirsty roots hydroponic farm
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Thirsty Roots Hydroponic Farm

Local produce: Thirsty Roots Farm’s greens grow in a shipping container Thirsty Roots Hydroponic Farm | Jack Underwood | Most of the herbs and greens found in restaurants and grocery stores in the Panhandle are […]

empty offices to vertical farms
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Empty Offices to Vertical Farms

Turning Empty Offices Into Vertical Farms With office usage hovering near 50 percent of pre-pandemic levels, many cities are struggling with a plethora of under-utilized space. Why not dedicate those desks and cubicles to growing […]

hydroponics micro-farm milwaukee
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Hydroponics Micro-Farm Milwaukee

This farm grows produce in the heart of Milwaukee’s central city. It’s expanding. Hydroponics Micro-Farm Milwaukee | Tom Daykin | IMAGE: Wes Landry, the Dominican Center hydroponic specialist, explains how the hydroponic growing system works […]

inmates organic farming
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Inmates Organic Farming

Dubai Central Jail inmates try hands on organic farming Year-round planting set in 14 greenhouses Inmates Organic Farming | Aghaddir Ali | Dubai: Behind the high concrete walls of the Dubai Central Jail, inmates keep […]

small scale microgreens farming
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Small Scale Microgreens Farming

Hydroponic microgreens business sets opening date for first Lehigh Valley store Small Scale Microgreens Farming | Ryan Kneller | IMAGE: Bangor-based nuHydro Farms, which owner David Derkits has been operating out of his home’s basement […]

urban farming Japan
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Urban Farming Japan

Can urban farming play a key role in food security? Urban Farming Japan | Francesco Bassetti | Vertical approach The role of technology in urban farming is also moving the industry away from traditional soil-based […]