Vertical Farming Winnipeg

vertical farming winnipeg

Is vertical farming in Winnipeg’s future? One expert explains why it should be

Vertical Farming Winnipeg | Kayla Rosen |

The future of farming could be looking up in Winnipeg with the integration of vertical farming.

This method is the practice of growing crops in vertically stacked layers in order to maximize the available space. It often involves controlled environmental conditions and soilless techniques, including hydroponics.

“I think if we can grow our food locally and in urban spaces then that’s more land that’s currently used for agriculture that can be used for biodiversity restoration instead,” said Trina Semenchuk founder of the Little Greenhouse That Could.

Semenchuk said there are a number of benefits to vertical farming, including employment opportunities, a localized food supply and biodiversity restoration.

“The major advantage I would say is because we’re using less land, since agriculture accounts for about 50 per cent of habitable land, that’s a big opportunity for the world to do biodiversity restoration in these old agricultural fields,” she said.

Semenchuk noted that vertical farming also offers a larger return on investment, adding that it’s something anyone can do as long as they have the space for it.

Semenchuk is sharing her vision for vertical farming at a free event with the lieutenant governor on April 9. Registration is required.

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