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Erik Biksa

Erik Biksa is a global leading expert in the field of hydroponics. In 1999 his written work first began to appear in Maximum Yield Magazine and has since appeared in a variety of major related publications and he has been featured in video and audio productions as well. Erik has worked for several industry leaders in a consultative capacity and has traveled the world in doing so, enjoying a strong network of hydroponic community members. Grozine was Co-Founded by Erik Biksa and he is proud to call this his new ‘baby. Come and grow with us! Besides growing he enjoys fitness, motorcycles, healthy food and time with the people he loves. Shiny things and chocolate too. Cheese is nice from time to time.

erik biksa building organic gardenAbove: If I've ever had any success at all it's because I kept going when smarter people would quit.
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 Above: Practicing one of my favourite quotes from Kurt Vonnegut: "We are here on Earth to Fart Around-and don't ever let anyone tell you any different".

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