jackson hydroponic vertical farm
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Jackson Vertical Hydroponic Farm

Jackson’s Vertical Hydroponic Farm Goes National With First-Of-Its-Kind Urban Farm Model Vertical Harvest in Jackson is North America’s first vertical hydroponic farm. Because of its success, it is opening a 51,000-square-foot vertical farming facility in […]

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Historic Building Indoor Farm

Historic Brandon building being converted to indoor farm Historic Building Indoor Farm | Don Vadeboncoeur | IMAGE: A company called Brandon Fresh Farms is using new technology to convert the 113-year-old building into an indoor […]

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Vertical Hydroponic Farming How two brothers plan to save the world by packing a whole farm into shipping containers on a Denver used car lot

Ullr’s Garden grows tangy artisanal arugula in climate-controlled trailers just off Broadway, on 5 gallons of water a day Vertical Hydroponic Farming | Michael Booth | The lettuce is blooming nicely on the rollaway walls.  […]

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Growing Hydroponic Strawberries

How to Grow Hydroponic Strawberries Growing hydroponic strawberries is fun, productive and can provide a year round source of local grown berries for communities. When grown and harvested for local markets from hydroponic operations, crop […]

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Vertical Farms Blooming

From Japan to Iceland, futuristic vertical farms are starting to bloom Indoor farming is a growing trend in urban centers, where a single facility can grow millions of heads of lettuce. Vertical Farms | by Mihai […]

zip grow greenhouse system review
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ZipGrow Greenhouse System Review

ZipGrow Greenhouse System Review Vertical Hydroponic Greenhouse Farming For our ZipGrow greenhouse system review we are growing several varieties of everbearing strawberries (day neutral) and Genovese basil in a CEA (controlled environment agriculture) greenhouse. At […]