Getting Started Hydroponics

DWC Set Ups, How To

DWC Growing Part II  (part one HERE) DWC set ups are a great way to grow crops using less water and with fewer hassles versus traditional soil and soilless practices. Growers also note that they […]

dwc growing
Getting Started Hydroponics

DWC Growing (Part I)

How To Grow Crop in Deep Water Culture DWC Growing | Erik Biksa | DWC (deep water culture) growing was one of the very first hydroponic growing methods used by plant researchers and arguably still […]

small scale vertical farming
Getting Started Hydroponics

Small Scale Vertical Farming

Boosting agricultural productivity via small scale vertical farming Zikhona Buyeye, a junior researcher at the Agricultural Research Council’s Natural Resources and Engineering Division, explores the importance of vertical farming structures for small scale vegetable production. […]

starting greenhouse business
Getting Started Hydroponics

Starting a Greenhouse Business

How To Start A Successful Greenhouse Business Starting Greenhouse Business | Jacob Maslow | Starting a successful greenhouse business can be a gratifying experience. With the proper research and planning, you’ll be able to create […]

water saving hydroponic systems
Getting Started Hydroponics

Water Saving Hydroponic Systems

Water Saving Hydroponic Systems Growing Crops, Less Water Here at Grozine we have been growing with a variety of water saving hydroponic systems in a controlled greenhouse environment. Over the course of time, namely decades, […]

vegepod garden
Getting Started Hydroponics

Vegepod Gardens

Vegepod Gardens Productive Micro Gardening for Everyone Vegepod, a big hit from Down Under is now available in North America. At, we’ve been seeing more and more everyday people from across the globe posting […]

diy hobby aquaponics system

DIY Hobby Aquaponics System

DIY Hobby Aquaponics System Home Building A Low Maintenance System for Fish & Plants, How To Step By Step. There’s a lot of ways you can build your own DIY hobby aquaponics system with success, […]

dechlorination gardening
Getting Started Hydroponics

DeChlorination Gardening

DeChlorination Gardening Chlorine Removal For Healthier Plants & Harvests DeChlorination gardening is an often overlooked yet vital link in the health and quality of organic, conventional and hydroponic harvests.  Naturally, dechlorination gardening with Aquaponics systems […]

nutrient starter kit
Getting Started Hydroponics

Nutrient Starter Kit

Nutrient Starter Kit Crop Feeding Success, Made Easier. When looking for a crop nutrient starter kit, the choices can seem overwhelming. There are lots of brands of nutrient solutions and a growing number of companies […]

best hydroponic growing method
Getting Started Hydroponics

Best Hydroponic Growing Method

Best Hydroponic Growing Method How To Choose the Right Hydro System for You. What is the Best Hydroponic Growing Method for you? Let’s start right at the basis or root of the term. The word […]