smart greenhouse controls

Smart Greenhouse Controls

Easy Greenhouse Automation We installed smart greenhouse controls from GrowDirector into our hydroponic greenhouse to help optimize the growing environment for better crops and reduce the amount of time we needed to spend on redundant […]

virginia tech hydroponics courses
Hydroponic News

Virginia Tech Hydroponics Course

New course provides deeper dive into hydroponics Virginia Tech Hydroponics Course | Lee Friesland | Production of Food Crops in Controlled Environment Agriculture (HORT 4344) is a new class led by instructor Josh Kardos. Students […]


HydroBucket 2024

Cultivating Deep Water Culture HydroBucket has been growing in the field of Deep Water Culture (DWC) for several years now. We at Grozine had the pleasure to speak with Mitchell Gorgichuk, one of the company […]

orp meter review
Hydroponic Gear Reviews

ORP Meter Review

Real World Hydroponics ORP Testing Applied For our ORP meter review, we put Hanna Instruments HI98120 handheld ORP & temperature tester through some real world hydroponics applications for over 6 months. The benefits of managing […]

hydroponics peroxyacetic acid

Hydroponics Peroxyacetic Acid

Using Peroxyacetic Acid in Hydroponics Applications Hydroponics peroxyacetic acid applications include use as a surface disinfectant for systems and irrigation linesĀ  Other hydroponic peroxyacetic applications also include diluted applications directly on plants or in active […]

growing hydroponic melons
Hydroponic Crops

Growing Hydroponic Melons

How To Grow Hydroponic Melons Growing hydroponic melons is an excellent choice for hydroponic crop cultivation. Most melon varieties, i.e. Cantaloupe, Watermelon and Honeydew cultivars will thrive in hydroponic gardens when given enough space, healthy […]

maximum yield magazine
Hydroponic News

Maximum Yield Magazine Ceases

Long standing industry indoor gardening magazine ceases online and printed publishing Maximum Yield Magazine | Erik Biksa | Maximum Yield is no longer publishing indoor gardening and hydroponics related media either online or in print […]

graduate backyard hydroponics
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Graduate Backyard Hydroponics

Fresh graduate side hustle: Backyard hydroponics is empowering a fresh graduate to earn extra income Graduate Backyard Hydroponics | James Tababa | Carl Justin Jubilan is the 24-year-old owner of Jubz Backyard Farm in Miagoa, […]

dwc grow tips

DWC Grow Tips

DWC Growing Part III Part One | Here | Part Two | Here | In part III in our how to DWC article series we offer DWC grow tips for growing your favorite plants in […]