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Crop Lighting Cycles

Crop Lighting Cycles Mastering Light for Heavier Yields (Edition Quattro) By lb Savvy growers are reaping bigger yields and cutting down on power bills.  Here’s how….with our tips for Crop Lighting Cycles [quote] Hopefully you […]


Grow Room Construction

Grow Room Construction How-To Locate a Site & Prepare like a Pro. [quote]If the property being considered is known to have been used for cultivation in the past, do not choose that location due to […]

NDVI_crop monitoring

NDVI Crop Monitoring

  NDVI Crop Monitoring By Jordan Gartenhaus [quote] If we pair this phenomenon with the notion that plants strongly reflect NIR light then we can create some powerful tools to help us spot patterns […]

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How To Set Up Grow Room Ventilation

 How To Set Up Grow Room Ventilation [quote]One is called and “IN/OUT” set-up, the other is CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) or occasionally known as a “sealed room”.[/quote] Knowing how to set up grow room ventilation […]

pre veg grow stage
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Pre Veg Growing Stage

Pre Veg Growing Stage The Bridge to Healthier Crops [quote]The goal in pre-veg is to ramp your young plants up for more intensive vegetative conditions to follow[/quote] The Pre Veg Growing Stage  even experienced growers can […]

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Organic Gardening Outdoors

Organic Gardening Outdoors A Time to Sow… [quote]In organic gardening outdoors, the idea is to take advantage of the natural materials in the area.[/quote] We now live in a day and age where people’s first […]