cultivating deception
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Cultivating Deception

Cultivating Deception Misrepresentation in the Hydroponics Marketplace? [quote]we found some glaring differences over the image being portrayed versus what is proving to be reality based on the information we have available.[/quote] Branding Power According to […]

deva hps grow lighting system
Hydroponic Technology

DEva HPS Grow Lighting System

DEva HPS Grow Lighting System Revolution Micro Does it Again, Low Frequency DE HPS Grow Lights are HERE When it comes to crop lighting, whether for gardening indoors or for use as supplemental greenhouse lighting […]

current culture cch2o

Current Culture CCH2O

Current Culture CCH2O, World Wide Water Culture Most of our fans appreciate the potential for food production that hydroponic systems hold for our growing planet population by way of improved yields using less water in […]

AmHydro Hydro Genesis Organic Fertilizer Review
Hydroponic Gear Reviews

AmHydro HydroGenesis Organic Fertilizer

AmHydro HydroGenesis Organic Fertilizer Review Hydro Genesis Fertilizer, Can an Organic Work in Hydroponics? Product:  AmHydro HydroGenesis Organic Fertilizer Intended Use: Growing greenhouse hydroponics food crops in recirculating water culture systems, for example NFT (nutrient […]

veg bloom nutrients

Veg Bloom Nutrients

Veg Bloom Nutrients Hydroponic Research Delivers A True One Step Program Specialty crop nutrients have just taken a quantum leap forward, a leap that’s been fifteen years in the making by Veg Bloom Nutrients by […]

hydroponics school

Hydroponics School

Hydroponics School Learn from REAL Hydroponics Professionals Hydroponics School is IN.  This Fall, American Hydroponics is offering an intensive hydroponics school short course designed and proven to get budding hydroponic food crop growers started off […]

ceramic metal halide grow lights
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Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Lights

Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Lights CDM Lighting for Horticulture Ceramic metal halide grow lights are gaining increasing attention for horticultural applications, especially with indoor growers using artificial lighting such as HPS, MH or LED to […]

growing mix root aeration
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Growing Mix Root Aeration

Growing Mix Root Aeration How To Get More Root Oxygen Getting good growing mix root aeration makes for healthier plants that can grow faster and yield more beautiful flowers and fruits in your garden.  When […]

safe garden pest controls
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Safe Garden Pest Controls

Safe Garden Pest Controls Getting Rid of Bugs in the Garden Safely If you garden then you are sure to have come up against an insect issue at one time or another. Thankfully, safe garden […]

amhydro insider report

AmHydro Insider Report

AmHydro Insider Report Jennifer Harris (President), the Last 30 Years, Michael Christian With permission from, we are pleased to share with you via our AmHydro Insider Report this unique inside look at growing a business […]