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Most of our fans appreciate the potential for food production that hydroponic systems hold for our growing planet population by way of improved yields using less water in reduced space—and with a higher degree of sustainability versus conventional agriculture.  Current Culture CCH2O has proven to be a leader in this growing field, and we are pleased to say they aren’t just resting on their past successes, as we learned from some recent discussions with Company Founders Daniel Wilson & Cheryl Wilson and Christian Long.

current culture cch2o team members

Above: Team Current Culture CCH2O, Autumn 2015

[quote]Besides supercharged growth rates fueled by significantly increased oxygen levels, hydroponics, organics and urban agriculture enthusiasts love the sustainability of the system[/quote]

To back track for a second, Current Culture CCH2O are best known for their series of patented recirculating RDWC (recirculating deep water culture) commonly designated as Under Current hydroponics systems.  They can be configured from Solo units to Standard, Double Barrel, XXL and Pro models—with any custom variation you might like to have in between.

cch2o under current rdwc system

current culture cch2o system testing

Above: Testing and Development are Keystones at Current Culture CCh2O

Besides supercharged growth rates fueled by significantly increased oxygen levels, hydroponics, organics and urban agriculture enthusiasts love the sustainability of the system.  In our experience at Grozine, we use about half of the water versus our traditional soilless raised beds or containerized gardens outdoors or in the research greenhouse.  We continue to be amazed at the accelerated and amplified plant growth rates and health, using only 25% of the fertilizer levels we may normally apply-reminding us of the power that dissolved oxygen holds in the health of living things. In reality, some sources of common tap water have a stronger total dissolved solids (TDS) reading versus the nutrient solutions we recirculate near indefinitely with some management in our Under Current Pro (UC Pro) RDWC hydroponic systems.

Now, as promised, here’s a look at some of the great things that our friends at Current Culture CCH2O have been cultivating in the proliferation of World Wide Water Culture.

University Support – CCH2O will be working with Fresno State University to institute a new hydroponics emphasis for the existing horticultural department. With 2 alumni amongst current owners, they are very pleased and excited to bring this relevant tech to such a strongly rooted agricultural university.

Expanded Testing CCH2O will be working through the Wet Center  to conduct testing to better quantify and substantiate the practice of water culture relative to more conventional approaches such as soil growing. These observations will be working to create white papers to be accessed by the public for further education and development.

Expanded Staffing – To keep up with the quickly growing demand for customized water culture system installations, CCH2O has hired on new personnel in both administration and warehouse production. Admittedly, they a very proud to be creating more jobs as a USA manufacturer.

Ozone Tech – CCH2O is now offering commercial grade ozone carts for chemical free facility sterilization. These carts are currently utilized at oenology and brewing facilities to maintain ideal, pathogen free conditions—without using chemicals that are harmful or that damage the environment; O3 kills funk and turns into valuable oxygen Click HERE to read more about Ozone in hydroponics.

USDA – The USDA ARS center in Parleir, Ca. is currently using the UC Pro to produce citrus roots for use in the study of the Fuller Rose Beetle. These studies will aid in better understanding this invasive species to create effective controls for the multi billion dollar citrus crop in the US.

ABS Piping – CCH2O has developed and is now exclusively using a unique domestically extruded ABS pipe on all UC systems. This light weight, non-translucent material has replaced the PVC which had been previously used on all circulatory plumbing in Current Culture CCH2O systems. This new ABS material is recyclable, making it a far better option moving forward. Current Culture CCH2O hopes to phase out the use of all PVC, which is not recyclable, in the coming years in an effort to be a better steward of the planet.

quality control hydroponic inventory

Above: Vacuum testing UC joints for 100% reliability at Current Culture CCH2O

daniel wilson current culture

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