Hydroponics School

hydroponics school

Hydroponics School

Learn from REAL Hydroponics Professionals

Hydroponics School is IN.  This Fall, American Hydroponics is offering an intensive hydroponics school short course designed and proven to get budding hydroponic food crop growers started off right.  Be aware of would be internet heroes offering advice with no practical experience in growing food for profit sustainable using effective hydroponics cropping methods. This hydroponics school is brought to you by great people who care; with over 30 years experience in setting up and supporting hydroponic and organic food growing greenhouses and urban agricultural enterprises–that’s American Hydroponics!

amhydro hydroponic classes seminar program



Hydroponics School Curriculum:

20 participants, to maximize interaction

When? Sept 20-22 Sunday, 1:00pm – Tuesday, 12:30pm

Welcome & Introductions: Speakers & Participants

Joe Swartz, American Hydroponics
Michael Christian, Founder, American Hydroponics
Lorraine Gibbons, Garden State Urban Farms
Jim Livengood, Radicle Farm Co.
Sarah Swartz, Swartz Family Farms

Outline & Expectations of Seminar
Basics of Hydroponic Growing and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA
Hydroponic Industry Overview
History of Hydroponics
Commercial Development
Current State – Challenges and Opportunities
Future Direction
Walk through the greenhouse

Harvest, Seeding, Transplanting in Greenhouse
Basics of Hydroponics
Seeding (actual participation)
Transplanting (actual participation)
Water, Oxygen, Nutrient & pH monitoring
Understanding ppm/EC/CF, pH
Catered lunch from local Chef using local products (Setup & served in the Greenhouse)
Pest Control, Disease Control, Crop Selection, Production Scheduling
Growing Systems and Food Safety

Establishing a Hydroponic Business
Market Analysis
Exploitation of Opportunities
Current Needs Assessment
System Design
Marketing / Sales


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