Hydroponic Gear Reviews

Phantom DE HPS Review

Phantom DE HPS Review Phantom HPS Ballast & Bulb Lumiere Greenhouse & Indoor Garden Testing +Smart Grow Lighting Tips to Save You Power Our Grozine Phantom DE HPS Review was conducted over nine months in both […]

Hydroponic Gear Reviews

Elite Resin D Test Review

Effects of Elite Resin D Crop Fertilizer Supplement on Essential Oil Production in Scotch Spearmint. Study conducted at Grozine Research Greenhouse, Vancouver Island BC April to June 2016 Summary Results show that including Elite Resin […]

cmh grow light review
Hydroponic Gear Reviews

CMH Grow Light Review

CMH Grow Light Review Summit Lighting’s 315 watt Ceramic Metal Halide, Real World Testing In our CMH grow light review we examine a popular Ceramic Metal Halide crop lighting system after around one year of […]

elite nutrients company
Feeding Charts

Elite Nutrients Company

Elite Nutrients, For Serious Growers The Elite Nutrients Crop Feeding Program Company [quote]Elite partnered with a 68,000 square feet modern professional growing space to develop their base nutrients and additives to make a simple and easy […]