dwc grow tips

DWC Grow Tips

DWC Growing Part III Part One | Here | Part Two | Here | In part III in our how to DWC article series we offer DWC grow tips for growing your favorite plants in […]

aquaponics microfarm
Hydroponic News

Aquaponics Microfarm

New local microfarm will produce baby salad greens and rainbow trout Lacroix Aquaponics in Ware Township will go into production in the coming months Aquaponics Microfarm | Gary Rinne | IMAGE: Thunder Bay-Atikokan MPP Kevin […]

library hydroponics class
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Library Hydroponics Class

Summerlin library’s hydroponics class has designs on continued growth Library Hydroponics Class | Rhiannon Saegert | A thriving hydroponics gardening class has taken root at the Summerlin Library, and instructors plan to grow a second, bigger […]

from marines to horticulture
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From Marines to Horticulture

Embracing his newest mission Tucker Bruguiere spent four years in the Marine Corps before enrolling at Virginia Tech, and the skills honed in the military now help him with research projects in controlled environment agriculture […]

agricultural pesticide alternatives
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Agricultural Pesticide Alternatives

Future growth: Agricultural alternatives to pesticides How do we transition away from pesticides and feed a growing population? Matthew Kettlewell, Agronomist at Agxio, presents natural and technological innovations that can help smooth the path to […]

inmates organic farming
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Inmates Organic Farming

Dubai Central Jail inmates try hands on organic farming Year-round planting set in 14 greenhouses Inmates Organic Farming | Aghaddir Ali | Dubai: Behind the high concrete walls of the Dubai Central Jail, inmates keep […]

high pressure aeroponics
Hydroponic Gear Reviews

High Pressure Aeroponics

Growing Crops with Nutrient Mist High Pressure Aeroponics (HPA) is a highly efficient way to grow crops at accelerated rates using a fraction of the water and fertilizer required versus traditional growing methods. The basic […]