hydroponic gear reviews
Hydroponic Gear Reviews

Windking Air Fans Review

Windking Air Fans Review Hydroponic Gear Reviews: Windking 16” propeller grow room and greenhouse air circulation fan. Experienced indoor and greenhouse gardeners know having good air movement in the grow room or greenhouse is a […]

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Removing Chlorine for Healthy Garden Soils

Removing Chlorine for Healthy Garden Soils   By Erik Biksa   Removing chlorine for healthy garden soils is literally the most important first step you can take in stimulating healthy soil ecology in your vegetable and […]

making medicinal tinctures

Making Medicinal Tinctures

Making Medicinal Tinctures Tincture Time! Get Outta My Garden and Into My Jar By Frazer Love -From Grozine Issue 12- Making medicinal tinctures is our topic today. Recent articles have focused on herbal curing and […]

multi syndicate amsterdam grozine article

Multi Syndicate Amsterdam

Hydro-Lifestyle: Multi Syndicate Amsterdam (sneak peak, Vol. 2, Issue 12 Grozine) Ed Note: Such a cool story and images, we just couldn’t wait! People’s minds can be busy and crowded places-much like the environment one’s […]

Under Current Pro Hydroponics System
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Under Current Pro Hydroponics System

Under Current Pro Hydroponics System Under Current™ PRO Greenhouse Grade Re-Circulating Water Culture System   Made for Commercial Growers The re-designed Under Current™ PRO represents the largest, highest quality, most durable version of our Under […]

500w Plasma Grow & Aquarium Lighting
Hydroponic Technology

500w Plasma Grow & Aquarium Lighting

  New Product Release! 500w Plasma Grow & Aquarium Lighting Special Offer – First 100 Units $945 – Begin Shipping in July Plasma Lighting Technology Grows More Nutritious Vegetables Compared to Traditional Greenhouse Lighting for […]

hydroponics nutrients supplements ingredients gloassary

Hydroponics Nutrients Supplements Ingredients Glossary

 Hydroponics Nutrients Supplements Ingredients Glossary  By Erik Biksa For the scope of this informational, the term “supplements”  in our hydroponics nutrients supplements ingredients glossary refers to any products growers use in conjunction with their regular […]

water saving gardening tips
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Water Saving Gardening Tips

 Water Saving Gardening Tips [quote]Happily, you don’t have to let watering restrictions dry up the dreams you cultivate through gardening, especially if you follow our 5 Water Saving Gardening Tips.[/quote] Water is a precious commodity […]