making medicinal tinctures

Making Medicinal Tinctures

Making Medicinal Tinctures Tincture Time! Get Outta My Garden and Into My Jar By Frazer Love -From Grozine Issue 12- Making medicinal tinctures is our topic today. Recent articles have focused on herbal curing and […]

growing crops for resin
Biksas Grow Room

Growing Crops For Resin Content

  [quote]If you are seeking a “designer” resin profile as it relates to proportions of active compounds from your crop for processing, it is in theory possible to do[/quote] Question: I am growing crops for […]

grow tips for humidity
Grow Tips

Grow Tips for Relative Humidity

Grow Tips  for Relative Humidity     [quote]Once plants develop a thicker canopy of leaves (essentially creating their own micro-climate) finding the right RH level for your strain, climate and growth phase becomes a useful […]

Grow Tips

Grow Tips for CO2

Grow Tips for CO2 [quote]CO2 is an ethylene inhibitor, and you will get denser flowers with better smells and tastes if you cut back on CO2 at this final stage.[/quote] CO2 (carbon dioxide) is one […]