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Crop Lighting Cycles

Crop Lighting Cycles Mastering Light for Heavier Yields (Edition Quattro) By lb Savvy growers are reaping bigger yields and cutting down on power bills.  Here’s how….with our tips for Crop Lighting Cycles [quote] Hopefully you […]


Grow Room Construction

Grow Room Construction How-To Locate a Site & Prepare like a Pro. [quote]If the property being considered is known to have been used for cultivation in the past, do not choose that location due to […]

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How To Set Up Grow Room Ventilation

 How To Set Up Grow Room Ventilation [quote]One is called and “IN/OUT” set-up, the other is CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) or occasionally known as a “sealed room”.[/quote] Knowing how to set up grow room ventilation […]

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Crop Resin Production Testing

Crop Resin Production Testing December 5th, 2013 30 Scotch Spearmint plants in 2-1/2″ pots arrived by Canada Post, to Vancouver Island BC via Richters Herbs, Goodwood, Ontario Canada. Plants were in a semi dormant state […]

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Crop Lighting

Crop Lighting Question I’ve heard plenty of different discussions where growers or sellers talk about different kinds of crop lighting. I’ve heard why Lumens or Lux are better units for measuring light intensity than Footcandles-I’ve […]