growing food in space
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Growing Food in Space

To boldly grow: North Vancouver company builds system for deep space farming One of 10 semi-finalists will win a large cash prize awarded by the Canadian Space Agency. Growing Food in Space | Nick Lava, […]

indoor farming specialized seeds
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Indoor Farming Specialized Seeds

Indoor Farming Specialized Seeds |  Melissa Shipman | One of indoor farming’s strongest wins is in bringing vegetable production much closer to consumers.  Lettuce, for example, is often grown in Arizona or California and shipped […]

cea education program
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CEA Education Program

Controlled environment ag program takes root at Texas A&M AgriLife Program designed to lead the industry and prepare students for the future of farming CEA Education Program | Adam Russell | The rapidly evolving field […]

vertical plane aeroponics
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Vertical Plane Aeroponics

Vertical farm in Avondale promotes sustainability, technology, water conservation Vertical Plane Aeroponics | Scianna Garcia | OnePointOne is not the first vertical farm in Arizona; others are located in shipping containers and greenhouses, which make […]

indoor farming distribution barriers
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Indoor Farming Distribution Barriers

Hydroponic lettuce facility Spring Born closes in western Garfield County Indoor Farming Distribution Barriers. | Cassandra Ballard  | Image: Ray K. Erku/Post Independent A nearly 4-acre hydroponic agriculture facility near Silt recently visited by Gov. […]

computer vision mushroom cultivation
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Computer Vision Mushroom Cultivation

Recently, computer vision has been applied to agricultural technology (AgTech), most notably, deep-learning neural networks that can recognize individual images among multiple objects, such as a single mushroom cap in a large field of mushrooms. […]