hyperlocal hydroponic farming
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Hyperlocal Hydroponic Farming

High-tech, year-round sustainable farming comes to Cochrane, Alta. Hyperlocal Hydroponic Farming | Kevin Green | A high-tech farm near Cochrane, west of Calgary, is producing thousands of heads of lettuce, and other vegetables every week, […]

world record indoor farm
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World Record Indoor Farm

World’s Largest Indoor Vertical Farm: world record in Newark, New Jersey World Record Indoor Farm Newark, New Jersey, United States–AeroFarms®, a Certified B Corporation and the pioneer in vertical farming, uses aeroponic technology in their […]

vertical farming cosmetic ingredients
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Vertical Farming Cosmetic Ingredients

Vertical farming, innovative sourcing for cosmetics and fragrances Vertical Farming Cosmetic Ingredients | Kristel Milet | To meet naturalness and sustainability demands, the cosmetics and fragrance industry is exploring new sourcing solutions for plant-based ingredients. […]

lettuce prices rising
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Lettuce Prices Rising Again

Lettuce prices likely to rise again amid California flooding, experts say Lettuce Prices Rising Again | Rosa Saba | Lettuce prices are likely to rise next month and could stay high into the summer, agriculture […]

vertical farm design contest
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Vertical Farm Design Contest

Nuanu City& iFarm’s Open Call to Architects Vertical Farm Design Contest Nuanu City, a new creative and sustainable project in Bali, Indonesia, and iFarm, a global provider of vertical farming technology, are pleased to announce an open call for architects to design […]

redsea hydroponics technology
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RedSea Hydroponics Technology

RedSea Farms scales out of the Saudi desert as tech company RedSea hydroponics tech RedSea Hydroponics Technology | Karin Kloosterman | Saudi Arabia is planning on building the world’s largest cities, 15-minute cities like the linear city The Lineand The […]

small scale microgreens farming
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Small Scale Microgreens Farming

Hydroponic microgreens business sets opening date for first Lehigh Valley store Small Scale Microgreens Farming | Ryan Kneller | IMAGE: Bangor-based nuHydro Farms, which owner David Derkits has been operating out of his home’s basement […]

ag food program growing
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Ag Food Program Growing

PROGRESS: Morningside Agriculture program quickly growing Ag Food Program Growing | Caitlin Yamada | SIOUX CITY – The Morningside University Regina Roth Applied Agriculture and Food Studies Program has grown significantly since its inception in […]