hospitals hydroponic growing

Hospitals Hydroponic Growing

Aspirus works towards growing healthy, sustainable communities with hydroponic gardens Hospitals Hydroponic Growing | Katie Thoresen | Healthy eating is a major factor in building healthy bodies. It’s part of the reason Aspirus has been […]

making fermented hot sauce
Capsicum (peppers)

Making Fermented Hot Sauce

How To Make Fermented Hot Pepper Sauce Making Fermented Hot Sauce | Erik Biksa | Above: 2 to 3 minute video, making fermented hot sauce, how to step by step. Making fermented hot sauce is […]

Hydroponic News

Retractable Roof Strawberry Growing

Results of retractable cooling roof trials with strawberries in Mexico Retractable Roof Strawberry Growing | | The strawberry industry keeps on innovating. In Mexico, growing trials took place last year where the advantages of […]

small scale aeroponics

Small Scale Aeroponics

Sinclair College student designs aeroponic system, plans to make fresh produce more accessible Small Scale Aeroponics | Alejandro Figueroa | A Sinclair Community College student recently filed a patent for a mobile small scale aeroponics […]

Hydroponic Technology

Sustainable Vertical Farming

Sustainable Vertical Farming With localized food production we often envision massive indoor farms lit up with LEDS, but what about sustainable vertical farming? Sky Greens has roots in Singapore based high density vegetable growing and […]

Hydroponic Crops

Growing Hydroponic Strawberries

How to Grow Hydroponic Strawberries Growing hydroponic strawberries is fun, productive and can provide a year round source of local grown berries for communities. When grown and harvested for local markets from hydroponic operations, crop […]


UC Comm Hydroponic System

Product Spotlight: UC Comm Hydroponic System ( UCC rDWC) Introducing the first of its kind, next-generation UC Comm Recirculating Deep Water Culture (rDWC) System from Current Culture H2O. Built for professional CEA and greenhouse cultivation, […]