indoor farming office space
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Indoor Farming Office Space

Arlington wants to turn empty office spaces into urban farms Indoor Farming Office Space | Tom Fitzgerald | ARLINGTON, Va. – Commercial real estate was hit hard by the pandemic, and as a result, empty office space […]

aeroponics growing India
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Aeroponics Growing India

Aeroponics Farming Gains Momentum in India Aeroponics is a new technology that allows you to grow your own food without the need for huge amounts of land under cultivation. Aeroponics Growing India | Shruti Kandwal | […]

global indoor farming Georgia
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Global Indoor Farming Georgia

Meet the futuristic farmer growing vegetables vertically in Georgia Global Indoor Farming Georgia | Gregory Ward  & Pearly Jacob | When people think of the future, they often envision a world of advanced technology and dwindling natural resources. […]

growing food in space
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Growing Food in Space

To boldly grow: North Vancouver company builds system for deep space farming One of 10 semi-finalists will win a large cash prize awarded by the Canadian Space Agency. Growing Food in Space | Nick Lava, […]

home indoor gardening
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Home Indoor Gardening

Edmonton couple turn basement into an underground garden Home Indoor Gardening | Brittany Ekelund | IMAGES: Amanda Anderson/CTV News A local couple have found success in a new pastime that pays off in fresh produce. […]

indoor farming specialized seeds
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Indoor Farming Specialized Seeds

Indoor Farming Specialized Seeds |  Melissa Shipman | One of indoor farming’s strongest wins is in bringing vegetable production much closer to consumers.  Lettuce, for example, is often grown in Arizona or California and shipped […]