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Fruit Harvesting Robots

Completion of a system of robots that use teamwork to pick fruit and transport them all on their own! Fruit Harvesting Robots | National Research Council of Science & Technology | KIMM develops‘a multiple-robot system […]

dwc growing
Getting Started Hydroponics

DWC Growing (Part I)

How To Grow Crop in Deep Water Culture DWC Growing | Erik Biksa | DWC (deep water culture) growing was one of the very first hydroponic growing methods used by plant researchers and arguably still […]

growing hydroponic flowers
Hydroponic Crops

Growing Hydroponic Flowers

Flower Power in Hydroponic Towers Growing Hydroponic Flowers | ZipGrow | Most types of flowers can be grown hydroponically. Essentially the elements that they would typically get from the earth and sun can be replaced […]

hydroponics electrochemical hypochlorination
Hydroponic Technology

Hydroponics Electrochemical Hypochlorination

Protecting hydroponics from electrochemical hypochlorination damage Hydroponics Electrochemical Hypochlorination | Jane Cerza, American Society for Horticultural Science | Closed loop hydroponics, where nutrient solution drainage is captured and reapplied to the crop, offers advantages over flow-through […]

hydroponic samphire
Hydroponic Crops

Hydroponic Samphire

Tasty delicacy can be grown year round thanks to Warrington scientist Hydroponic Samphire | Heidi Summerfield | Image: Dr Russell Sharp and the hydroponic samphire SAMPHIRE – a strong, salty vegetable that is growing in […]

hospitals hydroponic growing

Hospitals Hydroponic Growing

Aspirus works towards growing healthy, sustainable communities with hydroponic gardens Hospitals Hydroponic Growing | Katie Thoresen | Healthy eating is a major factor in building healthy bodies. It’s part of the reason Aspirus has been […]

making fermented hot sauce
Capsicum (peppers)

Making Fermented Hot Sauce

How To Make Fermented Hot Pepper Sauce Making Fermented Hot Sauce | Erik Biksa | Above: 2 to 3 minute video, making fermented hot sauce, how to step by step. Making fermented hot sauce is […]

Hydroponic News

Retractable Roof Strawberry Growing

Results of retractable cooling roof trials with strawberries in Mexico Retractable Roof Strawberry Growing | FreshPlaza.com | The strawberry industry keeps on innovating. In Mexico, growing trials took place last year where the advantages of […]