hydroponics stem program
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Hydroponics STEM Program

Hydroponics STEM program fosters crop of young gardeners, scientists Hydroponics STEM Program | Lina Tran | IMAGE: Mitchelle Lyle tends to plants growing in a hydroponics unit at her home. A new crop of gardeners […]

new york schools hydroponics
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New York Schools Hydroponics

BP to give green to Queens schools for new hydroponics labs New York Schools Hydroponics | Ryan Shwach | IMAGE: QUEENS BOROUGH PRESIDENT DONOVAN RICHARDS IS SET TO ANNOUNCE FUNDING FOR NINE HYDROPONICS LABS ACROSS […]

heterotrophic growing
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Heterotrophic Growing

Going dark: Company explores indoor vertical farming without light Heterotrophic Growing | Aaron Gonzalez | IMAGE: Square Roots’ initiative explores the potential of growing plants without light, aiming to reduce the energy demands of indoor […]

greenwave hydroponics idaho
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Greenwave Hydroponics Idaho

Made in Idaho: GreenWave Hydroponics Greenwave Hydroponics Idaho | KIVI Satff | Video: A family owned hydroponics business is keeping fresh lettuce and herbs stocked throughout the Treasure Valley year round. GreenWave Hydroponics uses running […]