virginia tech hydroponics courses
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Virginia Tech Hydroponics Course

New course provides deeper dive into hydroponics Virginia Tech Hydroponics Course | Lee Friesland | Production of Food Crops in Controlled Environment Agriculture (HORT 4344) is a new class led by instructor Josh Kardos. Students […]

gen z agriculture
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Gen Z & Agriculture

Loyola Chicago conference notes Gen Z’s role in securing food on warming planet Gen Z & Agriculture | Brian Roewe | IMAGE: Through the urban agriculture program at Loyola University Chicago, students harvest roughly 3,500 […]

hydroponic gigafarm
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Hydroponic Gigafarm

This ‘GigaFarm’ in the desert could produce 3 million kilograms of food Hydroponic Gigafarm | Rebecca Cairns, CNN | IMAGE: Dubai is already home to the world’s biggest vertical farm — and it’s set to […]

bethlehem green project
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Bethlehem Green Project

AIIAS Unveils “Bethlehem Green” to Empower Student Leaders in Hydroponic Techniques Bethlehem Green Project | Edward Rodriguez | The Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS) recently unveiled “Bethlehem Green” in an opening ceremony aimed […]

non profit aquaponics farming
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Non Profit Aquaponics Farming

Hereford ranch aims to provide produce to more people with new Aquaponics system Non Profit Aquaponics Farming | Alexis Ramanjulu | HEREFORD, Ariz. (KGUN) — Echoing Hope Ranch is a nonprofit that helps people with […]