Hydroponic Gear Reviews

Clear Line Hydroponic Hypochlorous Acid Review

ClearLine Hydroponic Hypochlorous Acid Review Hydroponic Hypochlorous Acid Applications, Worth It? Here’s a real world grow trial we conducted to review Clear Line (from CCH2O) for hydroponic hypochlorous acid applications.    Hydroponic Hypochlorous Acid Application […]

growing hydroponic hot peppers
Capsicum (peppers)

Growing Hydroponic Hot Peppers

Growing Hydroponic Hot Peppers Cultivating Chilies for Fun & Profit with Water Culture Part One | Part TWO | Growing hydroponic hot peppers is fun and can be very rewarding. Growing hot peppers (capsicum) like […]

Hydroponic Gear Reviews

HydroBucket DWC Review

HydroBucket DWC Review Growing DWC HydoBuckets   We put the HydroBucket to the test. Controlled environment hydroponic greenhouse growing is intensive.  While capable of producing amazing growth and yields, it can be a tough environment […]


Grow Room Powdery Mildew

Grow Room Powdery Mildew  Microbial Contamination Management for Indoor Agriculture   By Jason Hadley & Skye Hanke   Grow room powdery mildew can have a negative impact on the quality and plentiful yields that have […]

Hydroponic Technology

CCH2O Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

CCH2O Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems R-1 Skid Mount Large Scale RO Filtration CCH2O commercial reverse osmosis systems are developed in conjunction with Axeon Water Technologies, a leader in membrane filtration solutions for water treatment in […]


Hydroponic 3D Printing

Hydroponic 3D Printing 3D printing in Hydroponics, Microgreens and Gardening By Christopher Hansen Hydroponic 3D printing gives growers an invaluable tool to make, repair or even innovate hydroponic parts or complete growing systems. If you also […]

aeroponic cloner rooting time

Aeroponic Cloner Rooting Time

Aeroponic Cloner Rooting Time How Long for Aeroponic Clones to Root? There are several factors that influence aeroponic cloner rooting time. How long it takes for aeroponic clones to root can be made very consistent […]