Hobby Sized Aquaponics

hobby sized aquaponics

Hobby Sized Aquaponics

Aquaponics for Small Spaces VIDEO

This QUICK Vid Clip shows totally organic, vibrant and nutritious aquaponics food crops cultivated with Tilapia fish, perfect Hobby Sized Aquaponics.

A system of this scale occupies and area of around Two Feet by Three Feet and stands Sixteen Inches Tall.  This hobby sized aquaponics system easily fits onto patios or terraces, and with proper crop lighting could be cultivated indoors at home or the office.  Naturally, this would be a welcome addition to any hobby greenhouse too–or even larger scale growers looking to diversify and would like to see it work on a smaller scale first.

If operated during summer months, power demands are minimal.  A Mag Drive type water pump uses around 25 Watts to continuously recirculate the water in the Tilapia Fish tank (a hydroponic reservoir) through the bio filter media beds (grow media) where the plants shown are growing very healthy and robust.  There are no outside fertilizer materials added here.  The fish are fed as regular.  The water temperature must be maintained over 65 degree F or warm loving Tilapia will die–an aquarium type heater, also used in hydroponic reservoirs with a wattage of 300 watts will prevent this in mildly cool conditions and will help keep the water at a perfect 80-85 deg F if you desire faster fish maturity in Tilapia.  The heater does not run although plugged in and ready when conditions are warmer outside-power use is intermittent for heating.

To learn more about starting a hobby sized aquaponics system, please browse our site or do a search for Aquaponics.  We share our step by step experiences with details, photos and  video of our first successful aquaponics systems from building to harvesting healthy organic crops and fish from a small space.


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