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It’s a well established fact in the agricultural and scientific community that hydroponics or “water culture” growing methods is capable of producing more food per square foot while using less water and fertilizer to do so versus conventional field agriculture production.

[quote]Growstone is a company with deep roots in improved sustainability in modern cropping methods–that starts before anything is ever planted[/quote]

Another big advantage for the home grower or market gardener is the fact that water culture methods and growing systems have a high degree of sustainability and reusability.
Inert hydroponic growing media is required in relatively small quantities because most of the roots grow in a mineral rich and oxygenated nutrient solution. Durable and inert growing medias are reusable, they can be rinsed clean and reused over and over again. This can save on the environment (besides expenses and labor) because growing media does not need to be trucked in or out once it’s at the gardening site. It also means less renewable materials like sphagnum peat moss won’t need to be stripped from the earth as frequently, which is also better for the planet.

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Growstone is a company with deep roots in improved sustainability in modern cropping methods–that starts before anything is ever planted. While there are obvious overall advantages to water culture hydroponic growing methods, most of the processes used historically to source, manufacture and distribute inert hydroponic growing medias aren’t all that friendly.
For example, open pit mining for the manufacture of expanded clay pebbles (LECA) commonly used in hydroponics and the fact that the mining and manufacturing often originate from overseas in North America left room for improvement.

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Growstone answered the call with an overwhelmingly innovative solution: make the perfect inert hydroponic media and soil amendment out of recycled locally available materials using a friendlier and water saving process, and do it in North America.

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Silicate, commonly “sand”, is what a lot of the drinking and food glass we use as consumers is made from. Silicate is actually an essential and beneficial element for plant growth too; it improves plant resistance to a variety of stresses that a crop can experience.–SEE the Video (Above) to see Growstone get made–
From their plant based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA Growstone has successfully created a super versatile material for hydroponics and soil growers alike from recycled food glass. Besides having huge benefits for the environment versus historical manmade medias like perlite, vermiculite, LECA (clay) and basalt stone wool, the lightweight and porous nature of the end material can’t be beat for plant and soil health. You would hardly believe it was made from recycled glass unless somebody told you.

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The material is super clean, often white in colour, very light and highly porous. It is supplied in an array of sizes and blends for different growing purposes. Equally wide is the range of gardening applications it can be used to improve results for. Here’s a few practical examples:


  • Direct replacement as an inert hydroponic (water culture or soilless) substrate
  • Amending soil, soilless and organic growing and potting mixes in place of perlite, pumice or vermiculite
  • For use in hydroculture-growing office and decorative plants without soil
  • For use as a top dressing in pots or beds to discourage fungus gnats and other soil pests while adding beauty to any growing setting

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Some interesting FACTS about Growstone:
  • Radically eco-friendly process requires no water. That’s extremely important because Growstone’s plant is located in the high desert of New Mexico=no airbourne spores to contaminate the media.
  • Growstones are 100% eco-friendly, 100% recycled, 100% non-toxic and 100% strip-mine free.
  • Growstones are lightweight, reusable and dust-free so they’re not only easier on the planet but easier on you.
  • THREE times (3X) more water at saturation than Clay Pebbles
  • About twice the aeration of perlite
  • FOUR times (4X) more aeration ability versus common coco coir

Is there a Growstone Product for My Garden?

Growstone GS-1, hydroponic substrate

Growstone GS-2, “Mix This” Soil/Soilless aerator & grow media

Growstone GS-3, blended professional quality coco coir growing mix, aeration formula for faster drainage

Growstone GS-4, blended professional quality coco coir growing mix, moisture retention formula for less watering

Growstone Gnat-Nix, fine media for top dressing to prevent insects and add beauty. Looks great for starting seeds.

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Where can I find Growstone?

At better hydroponic & organic gardening supply outlets or online. Some vendors offer free shipping too.

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ABOVE: Roots LOVE Growstone

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