Street Art Show Nothing to Lose Amsterdam

Street Art Show Nothing to Lose Amsterdam

Street Art Show Nothing to Lose Amsterdam

Multi Syndicate Crew (MSC) Amsterdam: Nothing to Lose Street Art Exposition

Street Art Show Nothing to Lose Amsterdam. In Issue 12 of Grozine’s E-Mag we highlighted a group of dedicated international artists working out of Amsterdam. The group specializes in eye-popping street art, and has deep roots in the scene.  Recently, a collection of their works was featured at De Slang (Dutch for “The Sanke”); a historic tall yellow building in Amsterdam that has been held onto tightly by a collective of squatters for decades.

BTW, hydro is big part of their scene. So that’s just one more great reason to check Multi Syndicate Crew Amsterdam. Real art by real people inspired by the real world.

nothing to lose art show

Sounds colorful? You NEED to see just how colorful these inspired works are. We had a nice selection of photos in our E-Mag feature, as linked above-you can also see a few choice images here, in our online browser version:


We are stoked to bring you this VIDEO UPDATE, captured during the Nothing to Lose Street Art Expo held at De Slang. StreetArt.NL online also has additional coverage from the show, and offers some of the works for sale online.  Quite a range is available.

If you are looking for pure, un-cut street art, this is the straight dope right here, if you will pardon the term.

Like good beats?  We suggest turning up the ^Volume^ on the Video, featured below.

Can’t see the video? | CLICK HERE |

[youtube width=”560″ height=”315″ video_id=”WvD7dsY80KA”]

multi syndicate amsterdam

multi syndicate amsterdam crew

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