Grohaus Hydroponics Automation Doser Control

grohaus hydroponics automation doser control

Grohaus Hydroponics Automation Doser Control

Convert to Full-Auto Hydro in MINUTES. Easy.

Grohaus Hydroponics Automation Doser Control video demonstratipon

Most hydroponics growers spend too much time managing important things in he reservoir.  Whether pH buffers to help keep acidity levels optimal for healthy plants or to adjust and maintain the optimal hydroponics fertilizer concentrations in their hydroponics system by adding specialty crop nutrients following  proven crop feeding programs.

Besides the fact that time is valuable and could be better spent elsewhere, for example in the nursery where plants are small and easy to manage for faster growth rates and bigger yields later on, automation for hydroponics reservoirs in growing crops means a more consistent environment for roots to absorb water and minerals.

Benefits include:

  •  healthier plants>fewer problems>no pesticides or fungicides
  • faster growth rates for more crops per year
  • consistent yields
  • high crop quality
  • heavier yields

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However, on the road to save time, hydroponics nutrient dosing has been made overly complicated, taking away from the reliability growers and thier crops depends on, as well as making it a complicated chore to set-up and maintain.  Remember the idea is to SAVE time, not spend it doing the same thing, and just in a different way.

The new doser from grohaus-automation , an established and trusted name in the hydroponics industry, is releasing their long awaited next generation hydroponics dosing technology. A large, full color touch screen makes everything easy to see and change-literally with a touch.  No more IP interfaces, small red indicator lights or hard to read numerical displays.  As crisp and as tidy as your smart phone.  However the truth remains…

Seeing IS Believing:


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