Hydroid RO Water Filter

hydroid ro water filter

Hydroid RO Water Filter

NEW HydroLogic MidScale RO Water Filter

The new Hydroid RO water filter from HydroLogic Purification Systems is a fresh approach to mid scale RO water purification for hydroponics, soil and organics growers or anybody looking for reliable and efficient 3200 to 5000 US gallon per day water purification capacity.  Until now the EvolutionRO system has been a long standing value based go to for growers needing 1000+ US gallons per day of clean reverse osmosis filtered water.  However, from there the next step has been a big one ie into HyperLogic Commercial RO Systems where 20,000 US GPD (gallons per day) capacities are common.

The Hydroid RO Water Filter is designed to bridge this gap, and offers smart features that you won’t find in most other RO water filters–it seems the the designers of the HyperLogic system have found ways to incorporate their ultra efficient commercial level Reverse Osmosis technologies into a filtration system that is priced and intended for the small to mid scale commercial grower, ie “Craft Production”.

We are excited and eagerly await the release of the new Hydroid RO Water Filter System from HydroLogic, a name we have come to depend on for our growing efforts here at Grozine.

Here’s the Official Release info available from HydroLogic at this time–be sure to stay tuned for more information and reviews via Grozine.

hydroid ro water filter system

Above: Smart RO Water Filter technology for the modern Craft-Scale Grower.



The Hydroid is the industry’s premier compact-portable commercial water filter at an affordable price. Achieve up to a 5,000 GPD capacity (blended), or 3,200 GPD pure RO water. Not only is the Hydroid powerful, but it can produce a 2 parts product to 1 part waste water ratio, making it the most efficient system in its class. New, groundbreaking technology for a compact system with commercial scale performance.

Compact commercial reverse osmosis system

Up to 5,000 GPD capacity with blend valve (3,200 GPD pure RO water capacity)

Plug and play with all pre-filtration onboard

66% recovery means a 2-parts RO water to 1-part waste water

Blend valve to blend post carbon treated water with RO water to customize the TDS (this also increases recovery/efficiency)

On board ultra-high capacity sediment and carbon hybrid filter with 125,000-gallon capacity

Microprocessor RO controller with auto flush function, TDS meter, filter capacity monitor, and other high-end features

Stainless steel, multi-stage centrifugal pump for continuous operation

Plug and play, encapsulated proprietary membranes and carbon pre-filter

Liquid filled pressure gauges and flow meters

110V standard plug

Low pressure and high-pressure switches

Electronic float switch hookup leads as well as mechanical float valve ready

Casters come standard

Heavy duty powder coated aluminum frame

Comes with all tubing and garden hose connector

Only one blend valve, no other valves or controls to mess with. Very easy operation.

Made in the USA


hydroponics filtered water

Above: Reverse Osmosis filtered water is the base ingredient for successful hydroponics water culture system growing.

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