Hydroponic RO Water Filter Demonstration

hydroponic ro water filter demonstration

Hydroponic RO Water Filter Demonstration

SEE What You Might be Feeding Your Crops & Family If You Don’t Filter

Hydroponic RO Water Filter Demonstration.

The Stealth 200 RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water Filtration System from Hydrologic is an industry standard for filtering contaminants out of water sources intended for use with hydroponics, organic or hydro organic gardens.

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This is a REAL World example of what kind of stuff is likely in your water too.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”315″ video_id=”9gVUn_bbyzM”]

Can’t see the Youtube video above? Click this: http://youtu.be/9gVUn_bbyzM

The Stealth RO unit has been operating for almost 2 years with no regular maintenance–not the shining model of how to work with RO, howver, because it’s a good quality system, the water still comnes out near 0 EC after filtration.  The water is around 0.4 EC pH 7.2 to begin with.

We have observed negative effects using this water source un-filtered on crops. It hurts growth rates, plant health and ultimately yields are lowered.  We haven’t even gotten into discussing what kinds of toxins may be absorbed by garden plants.

Remember, all the stuff you see in the old filters was Dissolved Into the Water Source: hold it up to the light in a glass from straight out of the tap and it LOOKS good. The water is supplied by Epcor to the residents of homes in District 69, on Vancouver Island, BC.

But the filters and membrane tell a very different story…



An Industry Standard: Hydrologic Stealth RO Water Filtration System commonly used in hydroponics gardening
This where the serious stuff gets trapped, the RO Membrane. Where does all this stuff come from ?!
The water this was filtered out of LOOKED clean. Note the difference between NEW vs OLD filters
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