TAC growers

The Abilities Connection TAC Growers

The Abilities Connection TAC Growers Cultivating Hydroponics Skills & Feeding Communities The Abilities Connection (TAC) creates opportunities for adults in our community with developmental disabilities. We have been providing vocational rehabilitation services in Springfield, Ohio […]

super sprouter review
Hydroponic Gear Reviews

Super Sprouter Review

Super Sprouter Review Premium Plant Propagation Trays, Lids & Matts. Are They Worth the Money? This Spring Planting Season we decided to perform a Super Sprouter Review. Super Sprouter is brand of plant propagation trays, […]

vegepod garden
Getting Started Hydroponics

Vegepod Gardens

Vegepod Gardens Productive Micro Gardening for Everyone Vegepod, a big hit from Down Under is now available in North America. At Grozine.com, we’ve been seeing more and more everyday people from across the globe posting […]

hydroid ro water filter
Hydroponic Technology

Hydroid RO Water Filter

Hydroid RO Water Filter NEW HydroLogic MidScale RO Water Filter The new Hydroid RO water filter from HydroLogic Purification Systems is a fresh approach to mid scale RO water purification for hydroponics, soil and organics […]

growing transplants
Hydroponic Crops

Growing Transplants, Part One Sowing Seeds

Growing Transplants Part One, Seeding Growing transplants is a great way to ensure a garden or greenhouse full of healthy plants.  When you grow your own transplants using supplemental grow lights, you can produce any […]

Hydroponic Technology

HydroLogic ARCS System

Hydrologic ARCS System ¬†Automated Reclaimed Condensate System for Hydroponics & Greenhouses The Hydrologic ARCS system (automated reclaimed condensate system) allows growers to capture extremely pure and healthy water safely and efficiently from the air in […]

cmh grow lights
Hydroponic Technology

CMH Grow Lights

CMH Grow Lights Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Lighting Guide CMH grow lights have grown to become a well established and proven crop lighting choice for indoor growing or grow rooms. CMH (ceramic metal halide) or […]

Hydroponic Technology

AVici LED Grow Light

AVici LED Grow Light Move Over HPS Grow Lighting? The AVici LED grow light after much anticipation is touching down in grow rooms and greenhouses all over the world. Instead of beating about the bush, […]