Hydroponics Automation Grohaus Doser Pumps

hydroponics automation grohaus doser pumps

Hydroponics Automation Grohaus Doser Pumps

Growing Fully Auto: Hydroponic Food Growing

Hydroponics Automation Grohaus Doser Pumps.

Growing hydroponics crops with full reservoir dosing automation allows growers to spend less time monitoring the reservoir-a tedious task-while improving growth rates and yield potential.  A stable nutrient environment for fertilizer values and pH control grows healthy plants that finish bigger and often sooner.  Faster crops that grow healthy don’t require pest controls.

Automating hydroponics systems with nutrient dosers allows a single grower to grow on a commercial scale.  Having the perfect reservoir operate automatically is a big time savings and can allow growers to increase the number of plants they cultivate and harvest.

Grohaus-Automation has developed and now offers a robust, touch-screen operate hydroponics nutrient dosing system that is reliable and accurate.  Control from 1 to 6 concentrates independently, with grower set ratios.  Monitoring probes are laboratory grade, and the unit installs anywhere easily. NO WiFi REQUIRED. Dose from your favourite liquid nutrients and supplements-no special containers required.

Video Demonstration


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automated hydroponic systems
This automatic dosing system uses a touch screen to allow growers to set and maintain the perfect hydroponic solution for crops
hydroponics nutrient injection lines
note the three injection lines: base fertilizer concentrate, nutrient supplement, pH down concentrate
automated hydroponics system
healthy growth with less work means being able to grow on a larger scale without adding more labor cost to the expense sheet

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