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Biksas Grow Room

Basic Vertical Grow Room Construction

Basic Vertical Grow Room Construction Stacking Yields UP Using Grow Lights in Hydroponics Gardening Edition TEN Grozine, Biksa’s Grow Room  By Erik Biksa [quote]Growing hydroponically will give you more cropping potential every 12 months, because […]

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Biksas Grow Room

Growing Crops For Resin Content

  [quote]If you are seeking a “designer” resin profile as it relates to proportions of active compounds from your crop for processing, it is in theory possible to do[/quote] Question: I am growing crops for […]

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Biksas Grow Room

Crop Lighting

Crop Lighting Question I’ve heard plenty of different discussions where growers or sellers talk about different kinds of crop lighting. I’ve heard why Lumens or Lux are better units for measuring light intensity than Footcandles-I’ve […]