fertilizing hydroponic gardens
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Fertilizing Hydroponic Gardens

Fertilizing Hydroponic Gardens Fundamentals to Follow for Best Success Fertilizing hydroponics gardens for best success is easy once you read through this quick lesson on how to determine how much fertilizer to apply to your […]

urban farming irrigation

Urban Farming Irrigation

Urban Farming Irrigation Automation, Conserving Water & Heavier Yields [quote]Precise moisture management can improve yields significantly, and allows you to “steer” the crop for a variety of responses. [/quote] Urban Farming irrigation combines traditional agricultural […]

elite nutrients company
Feeding Charts

Elite Nutrients Company

Elite Nutrients, For Serious Growers TheĀ Elite Nutrients Crop Feeding Program Company [quote]Elite partnered with a 68,000 square feet modern professional growing space to develop their base nutrients and additives to make a simple and easy […]

ez clone low pro
Hydroponic Gear Reviews

EZ Clone Low Pro NEW MODEL Review

EZ Clone Low Pro NEW EZ Clone Model REVIEW BONUS: Founder’s Interview In our EZ Clone Low Pro Review, 128 Model, conducted this Spring 2016 in the Grozine Research Greenhouse we set out to see […]

how grow mixes increase essential oils
Grow Trials

Grow Mixes Increase Essential Oils

Grow Mixes Increase Essential Oils Effect of different Growing Media and Irrigation on Spearmint plant growth and essential oil concentration Study conducted at Grozine Research Greenhouse Summary How grow mixes increase essential oils. Results show […]

hydroponic seed strains
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Hydroponic Seed Strains Selections

Hydroponic Seed Strains Picking Strains for Hydroponics & Water Culture Systems Choosing the right hydroponic seed strains can make fundamental differences in how your cropping experience may turn out when urban farming with hydroponics in […]