Gro Green Filter Review

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Gro Green Filter Review

A Real World Garden Product Review

Gro Green Filter Review via Grozine,

Hydrologic Purification Systems has offered a wide range of water purification equipment and have been strongly rooted in hydroponics to give crops and growers clean, pure water that is free of harmful contaminants.

While being famous for products like their Stealth Series of Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration units, they also offer a range of products and have some stuff for the everyday backyard gardener too.  We have mentioned this a few times at Grozine: it’s amazing how many gardeners have little idea of the damage chlorine from tap water does to the health of their soil.  This is especially critical in organic gardening, where soil life plays a large role in fertility for growing healthy and nutritious harvests. Chlorine is added to water to fill fungi and bacteria; the very same types of life needed in your soil.

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 The Gro Green Water filter has an MSRP of $65, and can be easily be bought at your favorite hydroponics shop or online garden supply
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What’s it Do?

The Gro Green garden water filter is a simple device that screws onto either the spigot or nozzle end of your garden hose or water supply you water your plants with.  There are no moving parts, and it threads easily on and off to your regular sized hose fittings on the tap or hose. The filter uses activated carbon to trap harmful stuff like chlorine and some level of other common tap water contaminants before it reaches the soil.


Plants can absorb toxins, some varieties are especially noted for their ability to do so.  While this can be advantageous in reclaiming land after toxic spills, where plants remove the toxin from the soil and are incinerated later, it’s far from desirable when you are cultivating your own food or medicine for health. Simply put, your plants notice the difference too and grow better with pure water sources, versus tap water.

Does it Work?

We have seen a noticeable difference in the health of our gardens and how well the plants grow since we threaded the Gro Green garden water filter onto our spigot several months ago. After about two weeks of switching over, we really could see a wide variety of plants in our soilless beds perk right up.  Removing chlorine is especially important when you add good stuff like aerobic compost teas to your waterings.  Same goes for making sure any microbials you add to benefit the garden will perform as they were intended to.


Based on our experience, we think for what it does, this is a good buy for any gardener.  However, if you have a larger garden and thirsty plants on a hot day, you may not be able to keep up or spend much of your time watering because the filter does reduce the flow rate significantly.  Naturally, they make bigger filters that perform similar, but those are commercial models and will cost more.


  • low flow drip irrigation is perfect; it will also conserve water and makes it easy to add a timer
  • fill a gravity flow watering barrel; we do! it’s great because you can add an airstone, brew your teas or add fertilizers and water anytime that is needed.  gravity never fails! connect your downspout for collecting rainwater too.


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Hydrologic Systems has got your covered with the Gro Green
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