Hydroponics Yields Versus Field Grown Harvest Weights

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Hydroponics Yields Versus Field Grown Harvest Weights

What yields better? Hydroponics yields versus field grown harvest weights compare the maximum yields growers can typically reap growing directly in the soil using conventional field agriculture practices over growing hydroponics, side by side in the same outdoor growing plot from seeding or transplant to harvest.

In comparing hydroponics yields versus field grown harvest weights, we look at the total harvest weights, per Acre, through a variety of common commercial agricultural crops in Soil and Soilless Culture.

The information has been adapted from Dr. Howard Resh’s Hydroponic Food Production, Table 1.2 3rd Edition.



Hydroponics 60-300 tons

Soil 5-10 tons



Hydroponics 28,000 lbs

Soil 7,000 lbs



Hydroponics 4,100 lbs

Soil 600 lbs



Hydroponics 5,000 lbs

Soil 1,000 lbs

hydroponics grown tomato transplant

Above: hydroponics grown tomato transplant

soil grown tomato transplant


Above: soil grown tomato transplant

What about Greenhouse Cropping?

While another article unto itself, having a brief look at greenhouse crop production in hydroponics yield potential versus outdoor grown crops is prudent in comparing hydroponics yields versus field grown harvest weights.

In greenhouse crop production inputs tend to be intensive and cropping management skills become more specialized and constant. Per square meter, greenhouse crops will yield considerably more versus outdoors, especially over the course of a one year time period.

Obviously where economic conditions permit, year round greenhouse crop production allows for several crops per year, or very lengthy and repetitious harvesting versus typically one or two harvests per year with most conventionally grown crops.

Borrowed from Agriculture Canada’s publication, Growing Seedless Greenhouse Cucumbers in Soil and Soilless Media (Publication 1902/E) here are some real working and practical planting calendars for greenhouse cucumber crops in Northern Latitudes.

greenhouse cucumber cropping schedule


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