Custom Grow Room Design

custom grow room design

Custom Grow Room Design-Grow Like the Pros

 [quote]Some plans are simply destined to fail, while others leave you with a highly probable chance for great success.[/quote]

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When it comes to your next growing project, whether expanding your existing endeavors or starting with a blank canvas to create your growing masterpiece, do you just “ go for it” and construct?

Or have you reached the realization that for success, and especially continued success in growing that you need to plan carefully: and that’s much easier said than done.

Consider what’s at stake if you’ll pardon the pun, when you grow. And albeit a little cliched, people don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan.

If you are a whiz at grow room engineering, there’s a chance you suck at accounting-ever run out of funds mid way through your expansion when your investment awaits transplant and more growing space?

How about having a pile of money to work with and still never seeming to get a decent yield or return on your investment? It’s darn near impossible to be the best at everything, especially if you don’t have many years of practice as a professional hydroponics or indoor grower.

No matter who you are, chances are you have kicked yourself in the pants for some of .your own growing blunders, the ones that could have easily been avoided with better planning.

So the importance of a plan is obvious. However, a plan is only good if it can work.

Some plans are simply destined to fail, while others leave you with a highly probable chance for great success.

If you have been growing, you probably know the value of a good “feed chart” in how best and when to apply important growing staples, like fertilizers and additives. A good chart is proven, and has given hundreds or even thousands of growers excellent success and helps to take some of the risk out of hydroponics growing by providing optimal nutrition and pH levels.

What about the rest of the room-is what you plan to do 100% proven and easily replicated and repeatable.? We are talking about important stuff like planting and lighting densities for the area you are working with. Cooling requirements can be even more important, based on the number of lights, the internal air volume and other factors. CO2 enrichment is like a boost of nitrous oxide to a performance engine: get it right and you will see accelerated growth, misfire and you can crash and burn….

While growing can be fun and rewarding, if you invest in or count on your garden you often have room to make mistakes-especially biggies like layout, air handling, and crop rotations.

Human nature is often stubborn,. A lot of us think for things to work they will be harder or even more expensive. Custom grow room designs and complete packages are the perfect example of why this isn’t always true for growers.

Because you are getting everything you need to build a running grow room, there is no guessing of which one of these, how many of those, will it work and whats it all going to cost in the end. You are buying a complete grow, that has worked for many others, when you buy a complete kit from a reputable supplier. Of course the next step is a customized plan, built on the back of a proven set up or package.

But, before we can go there let’s talk a little bit about complete grow kits in general terms. A kit is only as good as who supplies and supports it. A foreign supplier selling bits in a box over the Internet is not the ideal choice here-at least with regards to being a complete and working solution.

If you have to buy or incorporate any additional components, unless otherwise stated that you will need to, it’s not a complete growing solution,. Although it can at least be a step in the right direction.

If they don’t know what else you might need or don’t know that their total package is incomplete it would seem they have never operated or at least walked through one of their own. Stay away from this sort of thing.

Interview your potential supplier on what they are offering you for your hard earned wad of money. Ask them what kind of refinements they have made over time, how long have they been offering the particular package and if possible (but don’t push on this one), can you talk to any of their previous clients?

See what kind of upgrades are available, and is it easy or feasible to scale it up and down as your needs may change over time? While it pays to be polite and professional, never forget it’s YOUR money and that it was hard earned. Don’t be a hard ass-but don’t accept half answers. A good supplier should be able to easily answer fair and reasonable questions…which leads us to our next point:

#1 Thing about Complete Grow Packages:

It’s FAR from “complete” if they don’t offer free and thorough support. While not everyone can offer 24/7 support, your supplier should be available during regular set hours and have the patience, resources and experience to help walk you through any aspect of the growing package that you purchased as a complete growing solution.

This means that while you are assembling or operating the package you have easy access to knowledgeable advice and support. If you have to wait days or until never for a reply or info it could cost you not only your crop, but your entire investment.

 Tip: You’ll do yourself a favor by keeping it to the point. Chances are they get lots of calls and don’t have time for chit chat about other stuff. Stay focused on solutions and answers-and DO write it down.

And now Custom Packages (our favorite)...

Being “Originals” we like to make things “ours” when it comes to growing crops.But it doesn’t mean that we need to completely reinvent the wheel to pull great yields the way we like to.

Say for example, we want to grow some BIG “trees” in hydroponics and want to use vertical lighting with HPS applied as relayed lighting to keep power bills down and produce some big yields.

Theres a pretty good bet that a complete growing package supplier is going to be able to help.

While the hydro system and big plants might be too tall for the standard lighting package-by swapping to vertical over horizontal lighting we gain another two feet of vertical clearance.

However, if we light from the sides, we need some space between the lamps and the plant so we don’t scorch our crop. This means a bigger growing enclosureis needed in some instances….no biggie, because it’s easy to find wider or longer than it is taller.

Oh, so we went wider? That means our air volume has increased-will the vent fans supplied in our standard base package cut the mustard? Your supplier should be able to answer, and if it doesn’t cut it they should have a reasonably priced solution.

Hopefully you get the idea here, and that is that complete packages can help you grow better for less money. At the same time, realize that good supplier can help you tailor a complete package to suit any special requirements you may have-and still save you gobs of money over more hit and miss approaches to getting set up.

The options are virtually endless: you can go mobile on wheels, automate via web network, heck you might even bury an engineered package deep beneath the ground….just because you can!

If you haven’t seen some of the complete packages that are available you could be missing out on easier and more profitable hydroponics growing endevors.

Looking for a great place to start?

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