vertical farming strawberries
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Vertical Farming Strawberries

What is reasonable to grow in vertical farms? – Strawberries! Vertical Farming Strawberries | Marite Gailite | Recently, reports about the collapse of large vertical farms or about their transfer to the Middle East have […]

urban farming Japan
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Urban Farming Japan

Can urban farming play a key role in food security? Urban Farming Japan | Francesco Bassetti | Vertical approach The role of technology in urban farming is also moving the industry away from traditional soil-based […]

indoor farming market survival
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Indoor Farming Market Survival

Learning from Japan’s mistakes, Oishii CEO “hasn’t spent a dime” on leafy greens as ultra-premium strawberries thrive Indoor Farming Market Survival | Jennifer Marston | “I knew the exact same thing was going to happen. People […]

growing hydroponic flowers
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Growing Hydroponic Flowers

Flower Power in Hydroponic Towers Growing Hydroponic Flowers | ZipGrow | Most types of flowers can be grown hydroponically. Essentially the elements that they would typically get from the earth and sun can be replaced […]

vertical farming lighting savings
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Vertical Farming Lighting Savings

New LED strategies could make vertical farming more productive, less costly Vertical Farming Light Savings | Jody Heemstra | IMAGE: Michael Gildersleeve, a graduate student in Purdue’s Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, works with […]

indoor farming wheat success
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Indoor Farming Wheat Success

Fischer Farms reports successful wheat trial in vertical farm Indoor Farming Wheat Success | Grace Duncan | Vertical farming company Fischer Farms’ first wheat-growing trial has been successful. The agritech business claims it is the first vertical […]